Saturday, March 26, 2016

To Buy or To Bother

Just posted another micro-location, To Buy or To Bother on my Patreon page.  Those who know my page know I do adventures and locations.  The locations are not going to necessarily be a place where the party slaughters the inhabitants and takes their stuff, although it very well could be.  But the locations are usually a place where other adventures are found.  Or at least a step along the journey. 

To Buy or To Bother is what I would consider a 'found' location.  It is unlikely there will be a sparkling quest trail leading you here.  It is an isolated place that will more likely be found by accident.  However, in my intro to the adventure on my Patereon page I give two adventure hooks to use this location.

I like this location quite a bit.  It is very simple and has a nilbog inhabiting the perfectly square tunnels.  This strange little creature can cause all sorts of chaos by doing absolutely nothing.  I've given the little fellow a fetish for fours and a job that has him mining quartz crystals from the stone.  Tip-tap with his tiny hammer.  You'll only feel the first blow when it hits you in the head.

The side result in this was coming up with an occupation to develop for my game.  A Gatherer.  Someone who is hired by various craftsmen to find bulk quantities of common items.  Herbalist may need two bushels of wild sage for a new poultice, but doesn't have the time to do it herself, so she hires a gather who has some rudimentary knowledge of what to look for and how to harvest and store it correctly.  It's something I'll write up on a later post.

Please stop by my Patreon page and grab a free PDF copy of To Buy or To Bother.  And if you'd like print versions of the adventures sent every month or you think these will be great for your game, consider checking out the pledge levels. 



  1. I have found that no matter how you design an adventure slaughtering the inhabitants and taking their is always an option for players.

  2. I could create a "Spore" Adventure (of this underground chamber and place what you wish within (wherever) you wanted .. and create a "playable "Spore" version for you, good Sir...

  3. I'm just swinging by to say Happy Easter! I hope you and the missus are having a great day. :)