Monday, February 10, 2020

Fireside Chat with Tenkar

Erik and I got together Sunday night and did one of his fireside chats. Here is the link. And that's what it was, a chat. More like two friends sitting around a table talking about gaming stuff. We covered my Kickstarter of course. Hunters in Death is nearing 400 backers. That's nuts. But we covered a lot of different topics. 

Erik and I have known each other since I started blogging in 2009. I think Ivy spoke to him before I did. I can't remember that far back. Erik has always been a big supporter of mine and has always helped me get the word out when I released whatever I was working on. But it's the first time we recorded our conversation. 

If you'd like to hear our chat please check out Tenkar's, Tavern Chat. It was a good time.

PS. Joe the Lawyer said that he just listened to the parts we talked about him and that those sections were too short. heh


  1. Cool! I'll check this out later today.

    Also, congrats on the awesome Kickstarter support...pretty exciting stuff!
    : )