Sunday, February 2, 2020

Hunters in Death Kickstarter: First Day

Hunters in Death, for Zine Quest 2, was unleashed on Kickstarter today. An old-school hex crawl for low-level adventurers to explore. It exceeded my expectations by a lot lot. My goal was set at $500 and in the first day I'm approaching $1300 with a 135 backers. I was hoping to reach $1000 by the end of the two week campaign. So thank you to all the backs so far.

It looks like I have a 115 other people following my Kickstarter, so if I only get a portion of those also, consider my mind officially blown.

Here's a bit of a preview of what's inside.
  • I've done the writing and maps. I'll add a few map samples. 
  • Jim Magnusson created all the art. Check out that cover. Scroll down to see more of his work. 
  • Matt Jackson created a new logo for me. I wanted a fresh logo for this project. 
  • Joe the Lawyer is editing. Along with Happy Whisk. Between the two of them they should tighten up and sloppy writing I might have let slip through. 
This product is a look behind my GM screen, how I run my campaign. I've included house rules and other additions to make the Komor Forest a distinct setting.

In addition, the adventures that are included have threads connecting to them to what is going on in Hounds Head and the other adventures. The fun thing is when the players discover these on their own. I know its one of my favorite things when running a game and hearing them put hints, clues, or rumors together. 

The random tables I create have their own adventures within them. Some have ties to other adventures. I try to cram as much gameable material as I can into the pages. 

It's been a busy day full of social media. I'm not used to being on-line for so long. A lot of today's success is due to a bunch of folks who have shared, blogged, and podcasted about it. Thanks to all of you. And thanks to all my backers.

I'm now enjoying the Super Bowl. Almost the 4th quarter. Time to try and wind down and get ready for work tomorrow. Good luck with that.

As I end this post I'm at 142 backers pledging $1346. Wow. 


  1. Congratulations on your success already, Tim. You deserve it.

  2. Love the artwork! Good luck on your project, hoss.

  3. Jim does fantastic work! And thank you, it has been a fun time so far.