Sunday, June 28, 2020

One Page Dungeon Contest 2020

I received an email from Aaron to let me know the deadline for the One Page Dungeon Contest deadline for 2020 has been extended to July 15th. This is great news!

I absolutely love the OPDC. I have for years. To me, it's what gaming is all about. People getting together and throwing in their efforts into a creative pool. While there are winners, everyone appreciates and cheers on everyone else. It's a great thing.

While I have other pressing matters consuming my time I really want to participate. I was digging a little into my map folder to find something that sparked my interest. Here's what I found.

Something I drew for another project, but it didn't fit. There is a crypt that goes with it. Those stairs go there. I don't know. Gonna play around with it and see what happens. 

Consider joining in. The rules for submission are easy, but read the submission guide first. 

Besides creating something cool, who knows, you might win a few fun prizes. Go forth and kick some ass. 

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