Sunday, June 14, 2020

Requiem of a Hag...Sometimes I Suck

Requiem of a Hag was an adventure I wrote for the One-Page Dungeon contest back in 2018...I think. I drew the map a few weeks before I submitted. I liked how the map came out. I use a few new coloring and drawing techniques and while not perfect, I liked the look of it. Then the title slammed into my brain, Requiem of a Hag.

Loved it!

So I have a map and title I really like. I thought the layout, fonts, and colors I used were solid and popped off the screen.  All I needed to do was write the adventure.

That's where things went to shit.

Here is a link to the adventure Requiem for a Hag. Who says I don't give you anything? A crappy adventure for you. A crappy adventure for you. Everyone gets a crappy adventure. Here's a few highlights to look forward to.
  • Room numbers are are missing. 
  • Others rooms have the wrong number. 
  • And I forgot to detail a room.

The adventure reads clunky and uninspired. "Oh I drew a rug. I'll make it a trapper." Makes no sense in the adventure. I didn't even mention where the protagonist was located. Oh, I drew a big crossbow so I'll put an unnecessary trap there. 

It's awful. No other way to put it. 

Things I did like. Even in shit some good things come out of it.
  • Quintin the barbed devil who likes to poop on altars.  
  • The image of Song of the Children and how it works. 
  • The name Agatha Manor. I may be a little bias. 
I plan on salvaging the map. Rip it away from this scab of an adventure and repurposed it another time. 

Sometimes I suck. I got the proof.


  1. But you learned and you recognize that they can’t all be winners. You’ve already improved!
    Good job, all the same

  2. I don't think it is awful. Some tweaking here and there and it could be good. I agree the Trapper isn't necessary.

    1. Yeah I guess because I drew a rug I needed it at the time. A writing credit goes to Captain Obvious. ha