Wednesday, August 19, 2020

One of my favorite creators in the DYI/OSR community Glynn Seal has a Kickstater, Chewer of Fingers, with a few days left. It already blew past its funding goal and creeping up on the final stretch goal. I want to give another shout out to Glynn, I've backed him in many of his Kickstarters and every time he has exceeded my expectations. Glynn just does fun and interest projects.

His maps are fantastic. I study Glynn's maps to see what techniques I can steal. He didn't win his Goldn ENnie for nothing. 

The guy can draw also. Just look at this lineup of NPCs. Each mug has a distinctive look. And he has fun, pronounceable names! It's nice to run an adventure when you don't need a phonetic guide to pronounce the names correct. 

Let's talk about the buy in. I'm talking in dollars not pounds. PDFs run $8. Print copy is $24 plus shipping costs. This is sent directly to you, not a coupon through RPG Drivethru which costs you more. 

I need to mention his editor, they don't get enough love, Matthew Pook. He's edited many other offerings from Glynn. He does a top-notch job and a huge asset. 

Consider joining Glynn's campaign, Chewer of Fingers. Grab yourself a quality adventure. 

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