Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Hunters in Death Available in Print!!!!

Where are the hunters going?

Now that the Kickstarter has been fulfilled I've got a few copies of Hunters in Death available for sale for those who missed out. When you buy a print copy make sure to add your email that you use for DriveThruRPG so I can send you a coupon for a free PDF. Paypal sends me an email automatically, but if your DriveThruRPG account is connected to a different email let me know.

Here is a video by Joe where he gives an overview of Hunters in Death. 



  1. Just ordered a print copy of Hunters in Death. Paypal did not have a comment section for me to add my email. So here it is Thanks.

  2. Just ordered a copy. I mailed my drivethru-email to the address in the paypal receipt. Is that good enough?