Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dark Knight : I'm not Batman

So I was cruising the web last night after perusing the latest blogs and I decide to watch some TV. I stop on hulu and what do I find, a show called Dark Knight. Now maybe this is already common knowledge, but I hadn't heard of it before. Ivanhoe returns from the holy land to return King Richard to the throne. Production values make me think of late night 90s television. It's so bad it's good.

The first escape scene was laughable. Rob was questioning where Ivanhoe's DM was. He kicked a sword up into his hand and the jailer fell on it. The soundtrack seems to come from the old Dragon's Lair video game. Dirk the Daring has nothing to worry about. He still rules. You old timers know what I am talking about. The special effects are fun bad, the open scene has this specter or wraith thing gobble up some henchmen (they always get the short straw). The specter is similar to the green booger ghost in Ghostbusters.

If you like bad fantasy, over acting, last generation graphics and a sound track that seems to be ripped off from a video game, check out Dark Knight. Now if this is not enough to get you searching hulu for it there is the bonus, Dark Knight also includes the actor who played Baldwin the dwarf in the 1980 cult classic Hawk the Slayer flick. If that is not enough for you check out Dark Knight than I can't help you.


  1. Now all I need is a bottle of Crown Royal and my Friday night is complete. :P

  2. Well, perhaps not enough to check out Dark Knight, but you've made me want to watch Ivanhoe again!