Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Winter Time Gaming

Winter is in full swing here. It came a little later than usually, but is making up for lost time by dumping a couple feet of snow on us. Christmas is over and the New Year is coming on strong and this time of year always makes me want to game more. After all the time spent with families over the holidays it's good to go out and kill a horde of critters. Good stress relief therapy.

All the snow and cold makes me want to game more. I do miss sitting around a table and throwing dice, but there is something to be said about staying in your own home while using your preferred on-line tabletop program and skype to harass your friends or challenge a GM's ruling. My group is hoping to meet twice a week this coming year. Rob and I may attempt to get a new group running in the area. It's good to game with different people to shake off your comfort zone once in a while and mix it up with others. I admit that I am lousy at this. Rob will game at the drop of a twenty sider with anyone. The man has no fear.

I plan on doing a top 10 list or something for the end of the year. I've gotten more involved with gaming this past year than I had in over two decades. If I tallied up the money I spent on gaming this year my wife might beat me with my Pathfinder Core Rulebook. Plus it will be interesting to look back to see what influenced me and what bored the hell out of me.

I do hope everyone has a great New Year. Keep safe.


  1. aw crap (several feet of snow). Oh well it will be good to be back.

  2. My gaming expenses actually went slightly down this year, but I think that’s because I shopped smarter, and pared down my collection a bit.

  3. For me, the cold weather finds me doing miniatures painting a lot more. I'm busy trying to catch up with all my painting. I have so many left to do!

  4. I hope 2010 is a happy new year for you. :)