Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Adventuring Themes: Sloppy Seconds

I've had a slow month as far as productivity is concerned. But I'm hitting the book store in a little bit and working on an adventure, using the traditional grid map I drew a while ago. 

Sometimes I use a theme for writing an adventure, this one would be sloppy seconds. Meaning, the party is hitting the dungeon soon after another adventuring party went through. Lots of evidence of mayhem. And I do take some license and narrate what occurred before the party arrived within the room descriptions.

I like to switch up the adventures sometimes with circumstances like this. How many times does the adventuring party hit a dungeon that is fresh off the vine? Aren't there more adventurers traveling around looking for a hole in the ground to loot? In my campaign, this is absolutely happening. If the party leaves behind loot thinking they'll come back for the rest later, they may find it cleaned out when they return.

That's what I'm working on today. How about you? What are you working on?