Thursday, July 30, 2009

20 Random Container Contents

Who doesn't love random lists of weirdness? Stuffing chests full of gold and gems is a snore. Another +2 sword of the non-committal fighter, the shop in town has thirteen of those. A potion of egg balancing, that's only fun for so long. So here are 20 (I was going to do 100, but I got sleepy) random items to toss into containers.

01 - A dozen ivory figurines of animals. They are non-magical, but the monkey figurine looks suspicious.

02 - Ash and two black candles. The candles feel like normal candles, but when burned they produce ash. The ash is used to mark a person so that the candle burner will know where the marked person is.

03 - A wand of that shoots out a yellow sticky goo. The smell is horrible and attracts beasts.

04 - A pair of cotton trousers with several patches sewn onto the right pant leg.

05 - The sound of several people whispering that fades after a few seconds after the container is open.

06 - Red leaf smoking tobacco. Causes hallucinations.

07 - A ten foot long parchment detailing an adventuring party's failed attempt to find the entrance into Tomb of Horrors.

08 - A totem of an orc with colorful wings. If shown to an orc, the player has a chance of having a conversation.

09 - One card from the Deck of Many Things. It depicts a pack of wolves coming out of the forest at night. The player has now become the prey of some beast.

10 - A wooden tankard with four handles. An instrument for an old drinking challenge. Two to four people sit at table and drink from the tankard using the handle facing them. One handle will produce a poison where the other three produce mead. The poisoned player is rendered unconscious for the night. The poison handle changes after each round.

11 - Blond and brown wiglets. When worn by females it increases their attractiveness.

12 - Herbal components to create a healing potion.

13 - A kyrss style dagger with no hilt. A magical rune is engraved on the blade. Its magic can only be used when the blade is joined with the missing hilt with the same rune.

14 - The Zombie Survival Guide. Any player who reads this book does +2 damage to zombies.

15 - An ogre's fist. It looks to have been sliced off clean. It will attempt to choke a player. The fist maintains its strength.

16 - Four scarred horseshoes. An old ranger trick to make tracking riders easier.

17 - A small cask half filled with red wine. The wine is cursed to make the imbiber's thirst unquenchable.

18 - Two pieces of wood nailed together. If the nails are removed a small recess is revealed in one of the boards. Within the recess is small egg, it coloring makes it almost indistinguishable from the wood. It is a forest dragon egg.

19 - Freshly minted small gold bars stamped with insignia of a king thought dead.

20 - Pieces of fur and twigs make up a nest. Woven into the nest is a silver thread with loops at each end. It is a bowstring and if strung on a longbow it provides +1 to damage and cannot be broken. If the bow it already magical it will add an additional +1.

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