Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fresh Blood

The kick off session for Rob Conley's Majestic Wilderlands was a smashing success. Unfortunately it was me who got smashed. Not drink smashed. Beat in the head smashed. Dwayne for Gamer's Closet and our newbie in the group Ken for the Rusty Battle Axe fame got chased out of town at the conclusion of our first session. Outstanding. Sometimes I wonder if a gaming session goes by where someone isn't thrown out of a tavern, brothel, town or kingdom was it right. Being chased out of somewhere is a standard in gaming. And let me tell you my guy ran like hell.

I'm playing an elf Monteblank. It's a cool combo. I get a few points of social graces because I'm an elf. I'm playing him as a con man. Complimentary, respectful, but still has the aloofness of an elf. But I want it to come off as being cultured and not arrogant. So I had this plan. It was a good plan. It really was. But I overestimated the forethought of a group of thugs. I stole this book, a valuable book with lots of good info. Thought the thugs wanted it for the treasure possibilities. Nope. They took the book by mistake. I spent a good part of the session making a copy of the book so I could sell the original back to the owner and sell a fake copy to the thugs. I didn't want them to know where the magic items were. I wanted them. Dwayne made a butt load of coin from the owner. I got a butt load of whoop ass from the thugs. My Chariots of Fire like pursuit led me through some fabulous parts of the city as I headed for the gates at top speed.

I think I need my own theme music when I run. I'll discuss that with Rob.

It was great to have Ken in the group. Every group needs an infusion of new blood every once in a while to freshen things up and to add a new dynamic. Ken adding a great deal from the start. I know he was fretting about fitting in or knowing Rob's extensive history. But hell I don't know half of what's going on at the time either. Rob starts talking about the two thousand year history of the acorns the elves used to worship, I glaze over. I can't help it. I just tell him to send me the write up, and he has billions of those, and I'll read it.

Our next leg of the journey will take us through some hostile territory. Not sure I need to add the word hostile since it seems we made the last place we were at hostile. I'm hoping they didn't see who we were so I can go back and get a good night's sleep and maybe get a small amount of revenge. Just a little.