Friday, January 8, 2010

Blogging Habits

I sit at my computer first thing in the morning and read the fresh blogs that come out of the oven. I try to catch up with any I may have missed the night before. I usually go to my blog and then go through my blog roll that I have then go to RPG Bloggers Network and read a new blog or two. Another source where I find new blogs is when people make comments on my site or someone else's I'll go through their profile and check out what they have to say.

Now sometimes at work I'll sneak a peek during my lunch which I usually am working through. But usually then I am on RPG Now checking out the new items and I always check the freebie bin. I love the freebie bin.

When I get home for work I'll get back on and see who posted during the day. This is when I post my comments. I make an effort to comment on a few blogs a day. I could probably do more, but there are a ton of great blogs and I can't get to them all. Time Shadows and Paladin in a Citadel are the champion commenter's. Those two have hit everywhere some days and I commend them for it. Those comments do help motivate and inspire people to keep going that what they are doing is being recognized. I know when I first started those comments helped.

Writing my blogs, which has been sporadic over the past couple months, I try to do at night and then have them post around 7am or so the next day. Then the other half of the time I am writing them in the morning. Like right now.

I was curious about others blogging habits. When they write, when they read, and what makes them comment on some blogs but not others? Have a great Friday and a get a game going this weekend.

I just saw this will be my 100th post and I want to thank the people who've commented on my site and those who just like to browse for a while. I've enjoyed myself.