Monday, May 3, 2010

Death of a Henchmen

Tonight Shang Hi died. Alas, I did not know him well. Actually I still not sure what his real name was. Edwin I believe. Edwin a faithful follower pressed into servitude and sailed to a strange land. He took it well. That man sure knew how to carry a torch and lug supplies through perilous places. But it was not battle, nor trap that claimed our beloved Edwin, but a trapped book that Rusty Battle Axe ordered him to hold. Flames erupted around Edwin, his scream only lasted a moment before he crumpled to the ground in the smoldering mass. His black skin blistered and slid from the bone. By the gods, he was still alive. Rusty Battle Axe rushed forward in what I can only assume was an effort to help Edwin, but the mage decided to put the henchmen out of his misery. Edwin died.

Now it must be decided, not if we should bring him back, but how. There is much debate whether to resurrect him or reincarnate him. The random property of reincarnation does make it interesting, but what if he comes back as a squirrel or moss. This is no good because we would need to kill him and try again until we got something we liked. This would cost too much. So resurrection it is. Rest easy for now Edwin, tomorrow there will be a torch to lift to light our way and a heavy sack to tote through the bowels of some demon cavern.


  1. Rolling a "1" on a First Aid roll is never a good thing. Here's hoping that there is no malpractice suits in the Wilderlands.

  2. That's one of the funniest things I've read in a seriously long time. Bravo!

  3. lol! that's mighty big of you to resurrect the bloke. and the notion of killing a reincarnation of him in order to reincarnate him again! now that's wrong. surely the gods of neutrality would be grossly offended by such a thing? :)