Monday, June 14, 2010

GURPS, its not just a noise

I've probably played in more GURPS games than any other system, maybe even combined. I like the system for many reasons, the main one is the character detail. I am all for having a character who can specialize in skills beyond their perceived class (which there are GURPS). The 4th edition of GURPS has sped up combat that in 3rd edition could take up an entire session. Not because it being complicated, but rather two skillful warriors with good armor.

I've heard a lot about GURPS being difficult. I disagree. If you want it to be it canbe. They have rules for nearly anything, but like most systems you use the ones that best suit your style of play and enjoyment. I've heard making NPCs is a long process, but I use basic information and if needed fill it out later. When creating monsters I don't need to know if this goblin is good at woodworking, just defences, attack skills and armor.

GURPS has the best suppliments of any system for my money. Consistantly excellent. I've got a ton of them. The greatest weakness is their lack of support for adventures and a monster manual. With the releases of their Dungeon Fantasy series has been welcomed. Some of them I really enjoyed while others I didn't have much use for. But it gives me hope that they are still producing.


  1. I couldn't agree more. I've played Gurps steadily since about 1988 with only a few gaps for D&D 3.0 and Buffy. My library of Gurps books dwarfs the rest of my library. The 4e stuff is just as good if not better than the the old stuff, though I do with they could keep up their old publishing pace.

  2. The main thing Gurps lacks is a focused fantasy gamebook, with just enough rules in it to run vanilla fantasy.

    I think if a book like this was published, Gurps would get a huge increase in popularity, because, like it or not, the majority of RPGers play fantasy games, and pretty much only fantasy games.

    (rant) Also, how many more years until they publish a gurps 4e monster manual? And not the crappy little pdfs with mostly unusable monsters that they offer now?

  3. Lot of GURPS talk today with both you and bat.

    I've played GURPS since Man to Man, about 1986 or so and for many years it was my favorite go-to game.

    I still love it unlike some games with alliterative names, 4th edition is really a superior edition while still being fully recognizable and pretty compatible with previous editions ;0

    As for Dans question, there is a focused game called Dungeon Fantasy. Its 10 PDF's alas but its solid fun. Also the bestiary he mention is being worked on though how far along it is, I do not know.

    I'll also note that if I had to play only one system GURPS would be it. I'd miss Buffy (my #2) Risus and D&D but could (and have) been a one system GURPS gamer

  4. I'm also a fan of GURPS--though as much for the quality of the genre/setting advice in many of their books than the game itself, though I've certainly had years of enjoyment from the game.

    Still, these days GURPS is a little high-crunch for the level of game prep I want to do as a GM. Maybe I'm getting lazier, I don't know, but I tend to want lighter rules these days.

    @Dan - the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy books might do what you're looking for.

  5. I hope they combine the Dungeon Fantasy stuff and publish an actual book.

  6. Great post title!

    Count me in, though I'm primarily a 3rd ed. GM. I've converted to 4th Lite, but not to the big pricey, crunchy books.

    @Dan: Have you looked at 3rd ed. fantasy settings for your fantasy fix? There are lots, including some based on novel series and other sources. Pretty compatible with 4th ed., in my opinion.