Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Old Man in the Tower Trapped in a Room Burning Books

GM - Rob "the big d20"
Sarenvald - Rusty "the Beaver Master"
Oelander - Dwayne "kick in the door"
Ashling - Me "the lode bearer"

Last night another session ended in dramtic fashion. First off we found the 3rd circle of mage tower thing. It was across a river and I am not fond of getting wet. After talking to the ferry man we discovered the old man of the tower was taken over by an evil old man of the tower. Everyone in the tower thought the old man of the tower was dead, but wait, nope he was not. And they ferry man asked us to save him.

Problem, all the rest of these circles were empty. So we plundered to our hearts content. These guys still had their names written in their underwear. So we agree to save the old master from the bad people.

At first we devised a couple of plans to get into tower. We opted for a more direct approach once we got inside. I cast hold portal on some doors where most of the guards were on the other side. Monks went scurrying. These monks are not the masters of kung fu, but rather they print very nicely. So we chase a few up some secret stairs. Hit a fairly large group of resistance. Two sleep spells and one crossbow bolt from Rusty and D and we were moving on.

Next room. The evil old man of the tower stood in the middle of the room with a few of his faithful plus and imp disguised as a raven. I fireball them. I'm glad it wasn't the library room. Everyone goes down. Big guy is still slightly alive, or almost dead if you prefer.

Go through some weird rooms find the old man of the tower, the good one, standing over a pile of books he just set on fire. We weren't the bad guys. I had a few words with him. Now we agree to get him new books. We knows where they are and already have the black rock they want. So we are heading for a trade.

On our way there, we camp and get attacked by a Verdian (or demon). After a interesting combat D finishes him off Robin Hood style. D tried to flay him because he liked the magical tattoos. That's didn't work.

That is where we ended it. I am now 6th level. It was a good night.

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