Wednesday, September 29, 2010

100 Zombies and 4 Choices

I was browsing the net last night and came across a fun question. Forgot where.

Situation is that you are dropped into the Roman Colosseum with one hundred zombies. You get to have four things to maximize your chances.

1. a Sidekick
2. a Weapon
3. a Song
4. a Hat

Not sure what my answers are yet since I just woke up, but thought it would be fun.


  1. Rub the hat on your body then throw it at the zombies. That might distract them for a moment. Then have the sidekick sing a song to draw the zombies' attention as you use the weapon to hack your way to an exit.
    If that doesn't work, cover your eyes with the hat and have the sidekick kill you. That way you can possibly come back as a zombie and eat the sidekick.

  2. My Sidekick would have to be a cleric who is high enough level to turn them automatically.

    My weapon of choice would be an M4 with a gernade launcher from my CoD MW2 game.

    Song, going with Jack the Ripper by Motorhead. Need to keep upbeat and alert. That song should do it.

    My hat would be the Marine Corp hat Dwayne gave me.

  3. Weapon-Minigun
    Sidekick-carries 3-4 reload canisters
    Hat-Indiana Jones style Fedora
    Song-can't really hear anything over the minigun

  4. 1. Conan
    2. Light Sabre
    3. Paint it Black (high energy and moody)
    4. A Hard Hat, with transparent safety visor

  5. Sidekick: Michael Jackson
    Song: Thriller

    Escape while all the zombies are doing an expertly-choreographed dance routine.

    Hat: the Gilgamesh Wulfenbach "Schmott Guy" hat from Girl Genius.

  6. Weapon: Blackhawk helicopter (if that's cheating, then machine gun)
    Sidekick: Dancing sword
    Hat: motorcycle helmet
    Song: Cry for Eternity

  7. Weapon: Spatz
    Sidekick: Michael Jackson
    Hat: Fedora
    Song: Thriller

  8. Sidekick: The Bionic Woman
    Weapon: Chainsaw
    Song: Nickelback's BURN IT TO THE GROUND
    Hat: Can't fit one over my Wonder Woman headband and pretty hair.

  9. 1. Ash
    2. Chainsaw
    3. Since we're in the Colosium, I'll take the theme from Gladiator.
    4. Baseball cap (I always wear a cap)

  10. 1. Robin Just to see him get ate.
    2. A spoon becuse it will hurt
    3. Let the bodies hit the floor
    4. a skull just to blend in