Friday, September 3, 2010

Always Pay the Elf

The following is a scene from our Monday night game when my character Ashling finally got to collect on a debt long owed to him.

Our latest adventure brought us back to Gormia, the place we tucked tail and ran. It was the first time I tried to run a scam. It worked and then it went to hell. I over estimated the intelligence of the Warden and his crew. Those half-wits had no interest in the book I copied. But I brought back what they wanted. I brought back the book and the money. As I stood in the courtyard surrounded by his minions he laughed at me when I demanded my payment. All of them laughed.

The Sleep spell took out all the goons in one shot. It was just me and the Warden. Before I could press for my 150 silver he attacked. I managed to move out of the way and shoot him with my crossbow, but that did little to slow him so I ran. I ran out of the courtyard, through the streets, out the gate and into the countryside. And I haven't done it since.

Gormia looked smaller now. As I stepped off the ship with my new apprentice Plaive my feet already started walking back to where the Madmen and the Warden lived. Oelander and Syrinvald knew what I planned to do and did not ask to go and did not ask the details. As we neared their lair Plaive asked what we were going to do. "Give him a lifetime of nightmares," I answered.

Two guards stood at the gate, Plaive slept them and we did not break stride. Inside the courtyard there were twenty more men. I slept the majority and my apprentice used his final sleep spell for the rest. I miscalculated which wing of the old guard house the Warden slept in and met a small army of men. One man I asked told, "The Warden's in the east wing with his lady if you know what I mean. I wouldn't go disturbing him now if you know what's good for ya."

As I made my way up the stairs of the east wing a single guard appeared at the head of the stairs. I pinned him against the wall with my knight killer crossbow and Plaive finished him off with a deft strike to the heart. Outside the door I could hear the Warden with his woman. I walked through the door and as she sat upon him I turned her into creature of the sea, a squid. With the power of Wave I command the squid to hold the Warden down as he screamed.

He thrashed with desperation. He managed to free himself and he scrambled naked and lay against the wall. I let loose my guardian spirit upon him and watched as the green globe consume his strength as it covered his body. He convulsed and foamed at the mouth as the spirit fed. Before he lost consciousness I recalled the spirit and knelt beside the whimpering man and removed my helm. "You owe me 150sp."

The Warden's voice trembled as he told me he had money in the chest. I had to tell Plaive three times to get the money. He stood their slack jawed staring at the writhing squid and hovering globe above my head. When he did finally open the chest he said, "There's a lot more in here." I told him one hundred and fifty silver pennies, no more, no less. I want what I am owed.

The Warden's eyes finally flickered with recognition. I pointed toward the bed, "You'd better get her to water before she dies." We left behind the Warden, his terrified screams did not carry far in the thick stone building. Plaive said little as we walked. When we reunited with our party, Oelander and Syrinvald met us at the gate with horses and supplies. Plaive offered me the silver, but I shook my head. "It's yours." He looked confused, "But why go through all that just to give it to me?"

"It was money owed. A debt must be repaid by coin or blood. Lesson one apprentice, always collect your debts."