Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gaming Bucket List

With GenCon coming up this week, actually kicking off tomorrow, I got to thinking of my gaming bucket list.  It seems a bit daft to have a bucket list for gaming since we are talking about death and there are many more important things to list, but we are gamers after all. 

Go to more conventions.  At least one a year.  Especially GenCon.  Never been there yet.  Last year I got to check off Origins.  Some of the other smaller cons I'd like to go to are the recently concluded OSRCon and North Texas RPG Con.

A game I've always wanted to play has been The Great Pendragon Campaign.  I've had the books for decades, I think I own three of the editions and I really would like to see how the game plays.  I thought about running the game myself, but I've found very little interest.

Get a hardback book in distribution.  I'm hoping to check this one off my list this year.  I've been dabbling with smaller products and enjoy doing them, but would like to get something a bit more substantial out there. 

This one goes along with the one above.  I'd like to co-write/publish something with my Rob and Dwayne.  The two guys I've been gaming with since before microwaves and VCRs.  I wouldn't care what it was, I'd just like to get together with these guys and write something.

Most of the things I've wanted to do in gaming I've done.  But, there are a few more things I want to complete.  One of the ones I've recently got to check off my list is playing with a bigger group of gamers.  Usually our games consist of a two, maybe three players and a GM.  Right now we have six players and the GM.  The mix of characters has been a blast.  So that one is checked off the list.

Now off to work so I can get back home and work on my own gaming stuff.  I have a third manor giving me the stink eye and a starter adventures looking like a lost child.