Thursday, August 30, 2012

Review (mini): Blood & Treasure is in the Manor

Look at those two beautiful books side-by-side.  I got the Treasure Keepers Tome today and I've been reading through the Players Tome for the past few weeks.  For the more frugal you can get the Complete Game for a hell of a good price. 

Blood & Treasure is brought to you by none other than John Stater.  Famous for his Land of Nod magazine, developing lairs for the S&W Complete Tome of Horrors and the Hex Crawl Chronicles for Frog God Games.  What?  Not enough?  Okay, he also wrote Tales of the Space Princess RPG.  On top of all this he writes his blog Land of Nod.  

For a long time he was identified as Matt.  Confused me to no end for a while.  Is it Matt?  Is it John?  It's both.  Matt is his middle name.  I digress.  Back to B&T.

Blood & Treasure is a new retro clone that has elements of original, and what he calls the advanced period and expanded period.  To me is has an AD&D feel with elements sprinkled in from UA.  Which I dig.  While I cannot go into too much details because  I have much to read, I really like what I see.  I plan on developing a few adventures using John's new game. 

If you've read any of John's many things then you know he is very good at what he does.  I've only got good things to say about his stuff.  I bought it and very glad I did.