Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Little Something, Something

Been a fairly busy Sunday over here.  I've been going over the first set of edits for Manor Issue #4.  Going well.  I've got a crack team telling when I'm being a bit stupid/wrong/ignorant (I told them they could one circle one of those at a time.  Ken just circled them all and claimed it was just one circle.  In any case, if any stupid/wrong/ignorant stuff gets into issue #4 its on me cause these guys are catching everything.  I guess you could say they are my zine condoms.  I use them for your protection and to increase your pleasure.  Enough with that analogy. 

I've also started on issue #5.  I've got a few idea popping in my head and I've ask a couple folks to help out with this issue.  I already like the way its going.

Oh, those runes up there is something I made.  Earlier today I was messing with a border for a spell compendium (for my own campaign) and couldn't find what I wanted to I made the above.  They are a bit rough, but wanted them that way.  They look like tribal tattoos.  I plan on making a few more strips.  If I'm feeling frisky I may write what eat means.

Oh and I went out and bought this t-shirt tonight.

Made me laugh.  Ivy got one also.  I am not a fan of husband and wife dressing alike, especially when they wear those horrible satin jackets.  Although I may make an exception for this t-shirt. 

You thought I wouldn't post something Sleestaky?  Please!  I want this shirt bad!