Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Map Time!

Here's a map a drew a while ago.  It's going to be included in a project I'm working on.  Something mainly for myself, but may throw it out there to see if it sticks to the wall.  The highly original premise is not to be duplicated in any way because it is very original.  And right about here you would hear someone fake cough and say bullshit under their breath. 

I'm setting up a village.  The one I originally drew for issue #4, but it was way to big to fit into the zine.  The village was created like an old west mining town except the wealth is coming from a group of dungeons located nearby.  This village will have specialty shops, guilds, temples and taverns galore in a small area.  The businesses are there to get the adventurers money.  Pander.  Pander. 

I've got a couple dungeons mapped out from previous times.  I watch Netflix, draw a map.  Some I toss, a few I keep.  When I get a few more details I'll post them here.