Thursday, September 19, 2013

I'm Impressed

I've got to say I am very impressed with two of my Monday night gaming goobs.  +Rob Conley has recently reorganized a ton of very useful posts.  The post about it is here and the actual page with all of Rob's Stuff in the Attic page is back there where I said Stuff in the Attic.

The second gaming goob of note is +Ken Harrison, his detailed account of his Montporte campaign is amazing.  I've never seen such detailed notes.  It makes me was to be a better GM *sniff sniff*.  He's got details of all the aspects of the game.  Game notes, cosmology, magic items, creatures and the maps.  Wow.  Very impressive.  Here is a link to the Montporte Campaign, grab a drink and a peanut butter sandwich cause there is a lot to check out.

I guess I should add a third to our gaming good crew, +Chris Bard who manages to capture all the inappropriate and funny things we say.  He must be bust cause we are pretty damn funny.  Even if only we think so.  That still counts.  Here is a link to all the Soundbites of us playing a typical game on a Monday Night.

And as an extra that has nothing to do with what I wrote about.  ThinkGeek has a very cool set of Rock, Paper, Scissor, Lizard, Spock dice and bag.   It would be over $25 with the shipping.  Too much for me, but I'll have to keep an eye out for this one.  I really dig the bag that comes with it. 

Oh, and I made a new sign for our game night.  I'm home today because of a migraine and this was the first I was able to sit up.  So first thing I thought about doing was making a sign.   So here's your sign.