Saturday, May 23, 2015

Shadow of the Executioner

Shadow of the Executioner is my 29th contribution to my Patreon.  This is a free form  adventure.  I present the place and situation, introduce the bad man and its up to the GM to use him within the situation and setting.  You can grab a PDF copy of the adventure at my Patreon.  There is a player and GM map available for download also.

I reached 60 patrons today which is fantastic.  I wasn't sure if my foray into the world of Patreon would become anything, but I've got no complaints and really enjoying the process.  If you like colored maps, short adventures and have a tolerance for typos, my micro-adventures might be for you.  They are free to anyone, those that pledge the $2.50 level get the 4" x 6" (my most used size) and 5.5" x 8" adventures in laminated form.  Those that pledge $5 and above get the laminated adventures and those that come in full sheet or zine form, plus they get discounts on other products every now and then. 

I have another micro-adventure almost done already.  My brain seems to be in hyper creative mode.  I'm on vacation so there isn't the usual brain drain from my job.  I hope to get another one released in a couple of days.