Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Empire of Imagination

Last week I ordered a copy of Empire of the Imagination, I received it today.  I'll admit I am not all that interested in the history of the game.  Some folks do timelines of what came first and what led to what and so on.  Most of us who game are fairly versed in history of all types, but I've never taken the time or had the interest to read about how the game evolved.  But this book tells it from a different perspective.  I get a semi-accurate peek into how it evolved from the view of Gary Gygax.

I haven't read any previews or do I have any background on how accurate it is.  The author states in his introduction...
While to story's narrative is based on extensive research and interview process, I have also used a bit of imagination and informed judgement to fill in the gaps of this dynamic, yet largely unknown story, making it as complete and cohesive as possible.  In many cases, scenes and dialogue have been recreated, combined and in some instances imagined to best support the documentary record. 
I'm cool with that.  I read a small portion in the bookstore and I liked it so I ordered it.  And besides, its a book about the EGG, it wouldn't be right if some imagination wasn't involved.

Anyway, going to tuck in for the night and read some pages.