Monday, December 7, 2015

Small Groups

Last week I had two game nights that were an absolute blast.  I got to kick back and play my characters in both of them.  Each group was comprised of three folks, back when I gamed in person all the time our group rarely went over three.  When you have a small gaming group there is a lot less noise and more room to allow characters to develop and shine during the evening.

While I enjoy watching others get something going with their character, there were many nights when we had a full crew of six to seven people that I would rarely get involved.  I don't mind playing the secondary character or sidekick, but when an hour or more goes by and there has been very little opportunity to contribute, it gets boring.  And for that, I can only blame myself.  After a long day of work I'm usually mental drained.  In a bigger group I'm not as active so I tend to get more tired and distracted.  In a small group I have to keep my energy up because there is no one else to hide behind. I have to contribute too keep the game moving forward.

Typical game night.
 On-line, for me at least, it's trickier to keep a large group involved.  I know the largest on-line group I like to GM is around four folks.  In person, I can handle double that number.  I ran a 7 to 10 person group through a 3-year campaign.  We had a lot of fun, but there is no way I could have done that on-line.  When I GM I like to stand and move around a bit.  On-line I'm tethered and its harder to feed off the energy from others.  

The draw back of course is your resources are stretched thin.  In my Wednesday night, Pits & Perils game, we've really taken advantage of henchmen.  We've nearly lost all of our first batch.  But they are needed to bulk up out group.  In the Monday night game the players fluctuate from two players to four.  This makes it difficult for the party to know exactly what resources we will have each night.  But that makes it fun also.  I like'n it to a garage band.  Sometimes that bass player shows up.  Sometimes his mother won't let him out of the basement until he cleans his room.

I hope that in the future I can get involved with some one off games.  Random sessions with folks I haven't got to game with before and reconnected with people I have.  I think one of my favorite part of each game is the BS session that proceeds the game.  Just talking about whatever.  Being completely inappropriate, flinging smart ass comments and making references to movies and see who gets where it came from. 

Speaking of which, game night tonight.  Fantasy/Dragon Age in City-State of the Invincible Overlord being visited by suspicious dimensional travelers.  I don't trust them, but they've got some really, really cool toys!