Monday, May 30, 2016

NPC Cards

Keegan Manor was posted tonight on my Patreon page.  Anyone can grab a copy of the PDF.  Keegan Manor is a micro-location that I plan on using as a home base for a hex crawl series of adventures and locations.  I'll tie in some of the previous releases and draw and overall map of the area.  It'll be geared toward first and second level characters.  A fresh sandbox to tromp through, kick over rocks and explore that ruin on the hill. 

I'm making a couple NPC cards for my patrons.  They'll be 4" x 6" laminated cards, like most of the adventures.  Below is a sample of what one will look like.  I'll have different ones for each of the classes.  On the back is the write up and information of any special items they carry.

I'll ship out copies of Keegan Manor in the beginning of June, along with Grim Water Oasis.  And who knows, there is one day left in the month, there may be another.