Saturday, June 25, 2016

Burying the Evil

"Buried" came from an idea I got, not sure where I got it, but I got it.  A halfling that collects evil things and buries them in his yard.  Even he doesn't understand why.  In my first version Gene was more extreme and odd, it took away from his collecting which is the driving force of his personality.  The other part I struggled with is how to present the information.  After four drafts I decided to present the entire location in a series of adventure hooks.  So each item has a situation that could develop or has developed. 

"Buried" is a location within the sandbox I'm working on.  It will include 12 to 15 locations/adventures.  I'm hoping to have a rough sketch of the area done by next weekend. 

As always, you can grab a copy of the PDF for free and I hope you can find a use for it at your game table.   If you do, let me know.  Always love hearing about folks using them.


  1. Now I'm picturing a pint-sized version of Gene from the Esoterrorists game. One who buries things in his back yard.

  2. We normally are not very fond of those little "Furry-Footed FV<kers"...but this one sounds Cool... and "How does his garden grow"???
    We do like the idea of this concept... and look forward to reading More on him and his "Collection ! a great week to you and dear Lady Whisk... Hello from Marshville.

  3. Hello from Marshville... a great Holiday weekend to you and Lady Whisk...