Thursday, July 7, 2016

Black Hack Mystery Solved

Last night was the finale for +Chris C.'s adventure using Black Hack.  First off, I really enjoyed how smooth Black Hack worked.  Simple and to the point.  And it did what I think any good system should do, blend into the background.  I could see myself using the system in future.

Chris ran a series of four sessions.  +Ken H and played our characters and each of us had a sidekick to start out with.  I chose to be a cleric because of the array of scores I rolled.  And Ken was a fighter.  We explored a bit of Ravensburg and the countryside around it.  The main thrust of our adventure was from a fellow adventurer who had slain a dragon, but two of her henchmen had run off with dragon eggs. This is a bad thing.  We found out why last night.

We get information that One-Eyed Jimmy probably went back to Muckton, his home.  We traveled there and found a caravan gutted by fire and a guard burnt to death.  Muckton was a smouldering ruin except for two cabins.  One contained the dragon and one contained a sick woman.  We decided to attempt to relieve the dragon's burden of breathing. 

A series of very lucky rolls and a pair of Sleep spells and we were able to take it out.  We took the head as proof that we dispatched the dragon and found One-Eyed Jimmy dead in the corner.  We didn't take his head, only his charred eye-patch. 

We then helped the woman.  She was stricken with Black Fever.  We discovered One-Eyed Jimmy
and another man we fought in a earlier session, Finnius, were this woman's sons.  There was a parchment ripped from a book on the table.  We had looked for this particular parchment last session.  The author Drae Burnheart, a very unpopular scholar at the university, had written about finding a cure for Black Fever by using a dragon's egg. 

On our return to Ravensburg and after fighting and killing a boar, we gave the information to the university to attempt.  We had brought an unhatched dragon's egg last session that they smashed due to the danger it presented.  The lead professor, Wind I believe was her name, created the concoction even though she thought it was a complete waste of time.  It worked.  And the old lady was cured and Professor Wind had to eat a bit of crow.  Both were very satisfying.

So the adventure ended there.  Chris runs a good game.  He keeps it simple, the adventure arcs are easy to pick up on and explore.  And there are several options we could always chose.  Including from the last session when we solved a murder mystery that started out as a random encounter.

Good game.

And next week we delve back into Monteport!