Friday, August 19, 2016

And Now Back to the Talking Badger

I was having a minor domino effect of electronic device failures which put a halt to my game time for about a month.  I started to develop facial tics.  Luckily, last night I was able to get back into gaming. Back into +Ken H's mega dungeon, Monteport.  With my trusty partner in crime +Chris C. we continued our adventure.

We left off with my guy Septimus, shooting a very big guy in plate armor doing a single point of damage.  Why did I shoot a very big guy in plate armor?  The telepathic badger they had in shackles told me to do it.  I couldn't think of one good reason why I shouldn't listen to the badger.  Ken ended it there as a cliffhanger.

So we start with initiative.  I roll a 1.  Glad I haven't lost my touch.  They go first.  Do some minor damage.  Our turn.  Mage sleeps them, fight over.  One guy got away.  He put on an invisibility ring and took off.  We didn't pursue him.  Monteport is not the kind of place you just run through.

We free the badger who can now talk once the shackles are off.  He's a fey creature.  Very polite. Lots of information.  He asked to be excused when we dispatched the opposing party of adventurers.  The badger did not like violence.  We then found out his name, which I've forgotten.

He told us about a trade festival that the other fey, ran by the goblins, have every few years.  It seemed like a great opportunity for us since our mission here was to establish trade and make money.  The badger told us about the rules of which we would have to abide and where it was located.  Location is difficult in a mega-dungeon, there is a lot of space between places.  The badger agreed to show us where it was being held.

This is where Monteport flexes its creative strength.  We met with a NPC we'd encounter in the previous adventuring party.  We'd established a history with this NPC.  And of course, time has not stood still, events have changed things.  While much of it was familiar we needed to learn it again in the context of the current situation.  Lots of fun.

We talked a lot about different aspects of the political make-up of the dungeon and what factions are trying to do what.  Our current boogie man is a batch of twisted dwarves who are demon worshipers who are buying people/creatures to sacrifice.  Monteport has no shortage of demons.  And out big boogie man from our previous campaign in Monteport might not be as dead as we thought he might be.

An excellent game session.  Good to be rolling dice again...even I keep rolling 1s.