Friday, August 5, 2016

Excellence One-Page at a Time

If you don't know who +Christian Walker is, he's the dude who is responsible for the zine rush in the OSR and related games.  He has also been putting out a fantastic little one-page zine, the tolling of the great black bell and a blog site of the same name.  Christian introduces each entry with a short video which is always a pleasure.

The man's passion for his gaming is fucking contagious.  Not only was a responsible for the zine rush, shortly after he started the tolling of the great black bell, there was a flurry of other one-page zines hitting the internet.  He has the effect.  So beware.  He's kinda like those housing flipping shows that make remodeling easy and look fantastic and the next night you find a hammer in your hand demoing a wall.  If you watch Christian talk about his zines or guitar playing, I think I saw him playing a violin a couple of times, and he's been building his own housing for his miniatures.  He infects you with the curiosity to give it try.  You have been warned.

He's on issue 17 where you find yourself on level 5 of a spire.  You might find a death metal band in a photo shoot.

If you get a chance, get copies of these wonderful things.  Christian preaches about the virtue of getting wonderful things in the mail.  I am a believe and a convert.