Saturday, September 3, 2016

Waiting for the Worms

I wanted to thank all the folks who responded to my Resurrection post.  I received great input and ideas.  

This Saturday I find myself avoiding mowing the yard by organizing my office and getting my latest micro-adventure Waiting for the Worms laminated and ready to mail to my patrons.  

Waiting for the Worms is a situation adventure.  Party comes into the area and hears about the bad stuff from Little Gerry or happens to travel nearby.  Or those GMs of fortitude and foresight can blend it into a familiar village the party has some connection with.  

The cause of the sinkhole is a new critter I created, the web worm.  A large worm creature that spews sticky webbing to trap its prey.  The villagers inside the two houses are going to make fine fare for the soon to be born web worms.  nom nom

This adventure was one of those rare occasions where I wrote the adventure then drew the map.  With my computer problems last month it stifled my ability to produce content.  I sketch out a few simple encounter adventures.  

Oh, and thank you Pink Floyd for the title.  

My micro-adventures/locations are on my Patreon for anyone to grab a PDF copy.  If you like them consider throwing in a tip in the jar.  Some of the patrons I have get print copies.  Waiting for the Worms is on a 4" x 6" notecards that I laminate.  Some of them are on laminated half sheets or zine-style.  There are currently 64 adventures/location available on my Patreon.  They're fun, quick adventures that take 5 minutes to prep for a game. 

Enjoy folks.  To my patrons I'll ship out your copy after the holiday.