Thursday, November 24, 2016

Gaming Stuff I'm Excited About, Thanksgiving Edition

There is a ton of great things going on now and I know I'm going to miss a bunch, but I'm going to mention as many as I can.  Sit back, grab some left over stuffing and enjoy.

I've written a post about +Douglas Cole's Dungeon Grappling Kickstarter earlier this month, but there's a big update.  Originally, only a PDF product, now available print.  Starting at $18 (plus the shipping) you can grab a softcover, premium color copy of Dungeon Grappling which includes the PDF.

I prefer to read the print copy, but use the PDFs for reference.  If the PDF is all you need, the buy-in is a five dollar bill.  Dungeon Grappling is funded and on its way to becoming full-color.  There are 11 days left, plenty of time to click and buy.

Here are the add-ons (and a shameless plug).
- The Manor, all 8 issues for $12! What a bargain!
- The Guardians RPG, for $7 (an OSR superhero game).

Today I received an email from +Peter Regan that I must share.
"From now until the end of Tuesday you can get 15% off any order placed at by entering the code BF16
This is a great chance to pick up print copies of: The Black Hack, Cthulhu Posters, or just to restock your supplies of grid and hex papers."
Peter is the master of Squarehex, a fantastic gaming company that produces extremely useful and creative gaming material.  Black Hack took the OSR community hostage a few months back.  I've played the system and it's quick, easy and fun.  Check out the Black Hack sale and all the other great stuff Peter and Squarehex has to offer.

+Mike Evans, the man with the mighty middle finger, has hit the pole position at RPGNow with his campaign setting Hubris.  He mentions there will be a print version available soon.  He's got an all-star line up of artists that features the likes of +Jason Sholtis+Doug Kovacs+Wayne Snyder+Alex Mayo, and more! Hubris, at 350 pages is $14.99.  If you are a DCC fan, you're going to like Mike's style.

+Gavin Norman made this!  It's available tomorrow so there is no direct link. I am posting a link to Gavin's list of stuff on RPGNow.

+Vincent Florio+Erik Tenkar+Glen Hallstrom make up the crew at Old School Blues podcast.  I mentioned them before, gave them a little shit about using the 'blues' name and then playing music that was, shall I say, not blues.  They seem to have succumb to peer pressure and switched their intro music to blues!  Woo!  Well done guys.  But the super cool thing about it is, it is music by our own OSRian +Shane Ward, who you may know from The 3 Toadstools blog and writer of such adventures as The Overrun Mines and The Lizardmen of Illzathatch, to name a few.

Since I have some time off this weekend I've been catching up on a couple podcasts.  Old School Blues is a good one to subscribe to on 'the iTunes'.

Lastly, something more personal, +trey causey, one of the many heads of Hydra Cooperative, a collection of extremely creative and fun folks making fantastic gaming products, helped with freshening up my GM Games logo.  Trey has been posting mock covers that are just amazing so I asked for a little help.  He also 
helped with creating a new look for my zine, The Manor.

Thanks again Trey for your assistance.  I know I've sold a small part of my soul to Hydra for the help, but I consider it a bargain.  I wasn't using my soul that much anyway.

I'm off to write an adventure, draw some maps, make a random table and listen to some podcasts.  It's a good time to be gamer.


  1. WOO! Thanks for bugging em Tim, I appreciate it.

  2. Don't forget that for Dungeon Grappling, we passed the first stretch goal, so an eBook formatted for easy reading on small screens/tablets is included in any pledge of $5 and up.

  3. you are right it is lot of stuff and there is always something we miss to share .
    really enjoyed