Thursday, November 10, 2016

It's Grappling Time Motherf*#!%@&

+Douglas Cole has begun his Kickstarter, 

About the Author
I've gotten to know Doug over the past couple of years. We've gamed together several times and he co-authored a fantastic grappling article for issue #8 of The Manor.  He's also penned quite a few GURPS articles and has received several accolades for his blog, Gaming Ballistic.  I can personally vouch for Doug and his ability.  The man gets things done.  So those of you who have been burned in the past by Kickstarters, you need not have any worries about Dungeon Grappling's completion...unless Doug blows himself up again. But that's another story.  

Let's Talk About Grappling
Doug has been tinkering around with making grappling a significant part of combat.  None of the games I've played have had a good resolution system when it comes to non-lethal combat.  We won't talk about the grappling systems the various versions of D&D have tried to inflict upon the gaming world.  

Doug has developed an elegant grappling system over the past year.  He's playtested and refined it several times.  Now he's combined these rules into one book.  His grappling system provides a excellent combat option to subdue, disarm, cripple or if you'd like, kill an opponent.  

Why I Like Dungeon Grappling
When I run a game I like to have options available for my characters...good options.  The way grappling stands in most games it isn't a good option and the players don't consider it when in combat.  With Doug's system, combat doesn't need to be all or nothing.  Kill or be killed.  In this way it allows for more roleplaying.  I've never liked the subdual  rules of most fantasy RPGs.  Basically it's a crappy way of patching a hole over something the developers couldn't figure out.  Doug has figured it out.  And it's good.  And it's useful.  And it doesn't slow down play.  

Dungeon Grappling Conclusion
I am not a neutral party in the Dungeon Grappling Kickstarter, my Manors are offered as an add-on.  Also, as I've said, I know Doug and consider him a friend. But because of that I know what he's capable of and the quality if this work. Dungeon Grappling is a fantastic addition to any genre of RPG.  Leave fantasy out of it for a second and think of all the different genres you could use Dungeon Grappling with.  

I wish Doug much success with Dungeon Grappling.  And at the time of me writing this, he's already above the 80% mark.  Check out the video, ask questions in comments and join.  For a buy in price at $5...come on man, that is a no brainer.  

Get Dungeon Grappling so you can put a troll in a headlock or give a bugbear a noogie.