Sunday, January 22, 2017

Anatomy of a Cavern

I do a lot of mapping and lot of adventure writing.  I try to be accurate with my terms and descriptions.  I found this on Wikipedia.  And I decided to post it to share, but also I can transform my post into a PDF to keep a print copy nearby.  You'll find the PDF button on the bottom of my post. Here is the direct link to the page:

Now go out and make a creepy cave adventure.
*A Stalactite
*B Soda straws
*C Stalagmites
*D Coned stalagmite
*E Stalagnate or column
*F Drapery
*G Drapery
*H Helictites
*I Moonmilk
*J Sinter pool, rimstone
*K Calcite crystals
*L Sinter terrace
*M Karst
*N Body of water
*O Shield
*P Cave clouds
*Q Cave pearls
*R Tower cones
*S Shelfstones
*T Baldacchino canopy
*U Bottlebrush stalactite
*V Conulite
*W Flowstone
*X Trays
*Y Calcite rafts
*Z Cave popcorn or coralloids
*AA Frostworks
*AB Flowstone
*AC Splattermite
*AD Speleoseismites
*AE Boxworks
*AF Oriented stalactite
*AG collapsed rubble