Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Defending Albanum

Cast of the Party
  • +Chris C.  played Ectur, a harden soldier.  
  • +Ken H  played Brytan Nargald, a stealthy scout.
  • Thadius was an NPC run by me.  Their former military commander.
  • Jia another NPC, she is an apostate.
Attack Before Dawn
The players were awaken in the darkness before the dawn.  Wolves were prowling outside their cabin.  It didn't take them long to organize and enter a fight with the cursed blight wolves.  Three wolves and one alpha wolf led the group.  Ectur and Brytan focused their attacks on the alpha wolf, Thadius took on the smaller wolves.  Jia stayed back and healed.

The fight went the party's way, but could have easily turned against them at any point.  The party killed the alpha wolf and two of the blight wolves as the third fled into the forest.  

Before they could recover they heard screaming from the west.  Brytan overcame the distance quicker than his slower counterpart, Ectur as he trudged up the incline in his heavy armor.  Two more blight wolves accompanied by a hurlock, a darkspawn.  The bodies of villagers littered the ground around them.  The hurlock's hands burned and as it drew its two-handed sword the blade burst into flames.  The party fought these creatures in the war and did not hesitate to engage it.  Brytan greeted it with arrows as Thadius engaged the group in hand-to-hand combat.  It took a few more rounds before Ectur joined the battle.  With the assistance of Jia, she kept Thadius fighting.

Friends of Albanum
Albanum was quiet again.  For a short time.  The leader of the village, Lacanus, thanked the party for their assistance.  "Being so close to the front these raids have exhausted our supplies and most of our soldiers."

Lacanus offered them braided necklaces, tokens, and the title of Friends of Albanum. Each village has their own intricate braid design.  Wearing the necklaces allows someone to get shelter and food from Albanum.  A rare thing during these trying times.  

Onto Udine
The party headed north.  They decided to stay off the main road to travel to Udine.  Udine is an oddity of Etrusan villages.  It is village of apostates.  They train here and are not very welcoming to outsiders, even to other Etruscans.  

Anders the Tranquil 
Just south of the Udine they found a man crawling in the snow.  A blood trail behind him, an arrow in the back of his leg.  They discovered his name to be Anders and it unsettled Jai that he was a tranquil, a person that was born with magical talent who was forced by the Circle of Mages to either join them or have their magic removed.  The removal of magic comes at a larger price, taking away the person's personality.  He or she becomes passive and completely helpless when encountering a violent situation.  They will never harm another person knowingly.  Even if that other person is trying to kill them.

Anders apologized for having to bother them for assistance.  Bandits had taken his potions again.  This was the third time.  He spoke openly about the possibility of being killed once he returned to the Circle of Mages.  

The Apostates of Udine
The party found the walled community and their leader, Nasia.  She was quick to correct any mistakes they spoke and made it known that their presence there was an inconvenience.  They gathered some information, met a more friendly apostate, Zeta, that was more generous with information.  

End of Session