Monday, July 3, 2017

Who Wants Some Fun Mail?

Who wants some fun mail? I finished printing my micro-adventures and guess what? I've got a few extras. If you are interested in checking out what I make for my patrons, comment below and email me your address at elder_sensa(at)yahoo(dot)com. 

There is no obligation. Maybe you just want something cool in the mail. Something free. The adventures, locations and NPCs I offer on my patreon are free on PDF. Oh, and I'll ship them internationally also. 

It has been a good month for my Patreon. It is sitting on the edge of the $200 mark. Once I hit $200 I will get original art for my adventures. I really, really, really would like to  hit that goal. I LOVE getting original art for my adventures. 

I want to shout out my new patrons who joined me in June.

Craig Dunham has returned.
Daniel Norton increased his pledge.
Jim Lewis made his presence known!
Allan Bray, or as we call him here Barry Allen, raised his pledge.
Craig Janssen joined the fun.
And Gordon Cranford.

Without patrons like these and those that have come before, I couldn't offer these monthly giveaways. Thanks to the new patrons and the crusty old ones. 

There is some interesting projects coming in the next few months. I spoke to one of my fellow gamers and we are going to work on a fantasy/horror investigation adventure. And a few adventures I've been working on have finally come to fruition. I love writing these things. 

Thanks guys. I appreciate the support. Comment below and grab some swag!


  1. Well this is kinda cool. I'd love to check it.

  2. I'm up for some good mail in the mailbox.

  3. Something other than bills and take-out menus is always more than welcome. Also being lucky enough to have won a copy of The Manor via Tenkar's Tavern a few years back; I know whatever I get will be pretty damn awesome!

  4. I'm always up for some of your amazing adventures and NPCs!

  5. I enjoy the Manor, I'm always up for free, cool swag!

  6. Very good of you... (Thank you for the ones that you sent to us !!) hoping that you and good Lady Whisk have a very pleasant 4th...

  7. You don't have to send me anything. I just want to say, good on you for doing this and good on you for making Patron-based dungeon design work!

  8. If there is one left and available, then I could also review it for you.

  9. Any chance to get some? I always liked your stuff and your printed material has an excellent quality (you sent me "THe Flayed King" once)! Of course I am willing to pay for the shipping costs as I live outside US :)