Thursday, November 16, 2017

A Peek at the New GM Games HQ

First off, my wife kicks ass. A lot of it. Mine sometimes. +The Happy Whisk did all the mudding and painting on her own. Last week during my vacation we put the floor in. She sewed some cool drapes to help keep out the cold and eyes for creepy neighbors. The shelves are a mishmash for now, but I have ideas on building my own shelving system. Build it right to the wall, but overall I am thrill with the outcome.

New computer, I've recovered most of my files and my printer has agreed to work again after threatening to execute it on the spot 'Office Space' style.

What I hope that happens...

  • more productive, write more adventures and get back on track for my Patreon
  • more gaming! with my office I can run more games without disrupting the entire house. And I may not be attacked by Bug during the game
  • More efficient processing of printing and mailing out stuff
  • and the possibility that Issue #9 of The Manor will be out in the near future
That said, thanks to my wonderful wife who wanted me out of the rest of the house so bad she made me this space!