Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Cons & Renovations

Tomorrow I leave for Con on the Cob. I'm meeting +Chris C. and +Rob Conley there to get some face-to-face gaming going. I've been to this con twice before. The last time was three years ago. That was a blast because the whole group was able to meet there then.

I am sitting in a swirling batch of chaos. About three months ago my computer's hard drive and motherboard died together. All the while Whisk and I were renovating one of room to make me an office.

I have since bought a new computer. It kicks ass, but trying to recover what I lost has been a process. Backing up your stuff is a good thing. I failed to do that. But, it looks like I am on track again.

Like any renovation it sends the rest of the house into chaos. Last night we finished the flooring. Finishing touches still need to be done, but I can start moving in table and equipment in today.

Gotta pack for the con today. I have to decide what I'm taking with me without forgetting what I need to take with me.

I've signed up for a few games. Kept the schedule light, with time between I can recharge and hang out with Chris and Rob. +Chris C. shared our schedule on his blog. This gives us time to get some food, do some shopping and talk to other gamers. I'm excited to get going.

I don't have a game scheduled to run, but I hope to run an adventure at an open time. A few years back I ran an Exoterrorists game that was a blast. This year I plan on running a more traditional fantasy adventure using Swords & Wizardry Light.

If you are going to the convention look me up and maybe we can throw some dice.