Friday, March 2, 2018

ML#22 Simon's Wheel

I'm going to pitch something that might be a frightening prospect. Something that might go against your grain as a GM. I'm talking about a place where good things happen.


I know. Right?

Game worlds are built around the bad places. The bad people. The bad things that happened. I get it. Makes for a better game. If everything were cupcakes and cotton candy, who would give two chucks to muck?

Here's my proposal. How about a good place mixed in. A little balancing. A good place that does good things for good people who are doing good. I'll even throw in my reoccurring woman who makes food for folks, gratis. Wonder where I came up with that one.

There are a couple of reasons to include a location like this. First, it's a pallet cleanser. A lot of game worlds are filled with darkness and evil, they need rests, or pauses, within the fighting and misery. A place to tell stories, to reflect, to sturdy oneself for the next leg of the journey. The contrast makes the darkness darker and provides a cost and loss to consider. It makes the fight real.

Well, as real as it gets when rolling dice.

My inspiration for the location is a blatant rip off from an episode of Robin of Sherwood. I make no apologies. I love that show and I steal from it all the damn time.

I hope you can find a place for it in your game. Have fun with it.

Oh, you probably wanted to know what the second reason was for a such a will total mess with the players' minds! Think of it, the GM provides a place to correct wrongs without negative consequences. They'll stay up all night waiting for something bad to happen and provide you mounds of horrible ideas that could happen you hadn't thought of.

Yeah, you're welcome. You can grab a PDF copy of Simon's Wheel at my Patreon page.