Saturday, December 29, 2018

Goals for 2019

Goals for 2019...I don't usually do this kind of thing. But this coming year will be different. I want to make goals and do my best to hit these goals. While I am making year goals, I am also making quarter goals. Wife, The Happy Whisk, likes her solstice and equinox goals. I think it makes the goals more digestible. So let's get into this.

Quick addition...I wrote the goals then looked at them and saw I only had one with a measurable outcome. So I went back and added numbers to the goals. And where appropriate, a baseline.

100 Patrons
I've had my Patreon running since July 2014, or 55 months. At current I have 81 fantastic patrons. I've been hovering around that number for probably half the year. People come and go and sometimes come back again. I try to make it fun. And useful. I need to continue to get the word out and running more games...another one of my goals.
Current Patrons: 81
By Spring Equinox: 86
By Summer Solstice: 91
By Autumnal Equinox: 96
By Winter Solstice: 100

Moving Gothridge Manor
I've had domain for years. And years. And I've done nothing with it. Until last night. Whisk and I went over to Wix to check out their website options. I want a site to blog, have an eCommerce store, and to post games/events/releases. Then I got a super good deal. Woot. Now I need to sit down and figure out how to build my website. 
This goal needs completed early in the first quarter.

Continue Podcasting
This past year has been my introduction into podcasting. It's been a lot of fun. I already have a hundred twenty-six episodes under my belt. I'd like to do interviews or collaborations. I've done none. The Anchorites have a Discord channel where they meet, but I don't get over there too often. I plan to check in more often.
Complete two interviews/collaborations each quarter.

Game with More Folks
In 2018 I gamed more than I ever have. Gaming three nights a week during most weeks. But I'd like to do more random gatherings with different people. Get to know some others. I think the new website should help with that. And I'll need to get on Discord a bit more often.
Complete two events during each quarter.

Collaboration with Other Gamers
Writing adventures has been a favorite pastime of mine. It is a solitary en devour. This year I want to partner with other gamers and mushing our brains together to see what squirts out.  
Complete one adventure collaboration per quarter. 

What do you think? It is a lot of goals. Sometimes my job takes the shit and vinegar right out of me. It doesn't leave me a lot left over in the tank to be social. This year I've done much better with it and I've come to rely on it to recharge my batteries. These goals are about having fun. Doing more of what I love to do. A win win situation. I am winning at D&D. 


  1. Sounds like a great set of goals. I'm sure you can meet them!

  2. That's a great set of goals, and totally doable. The fact that you have given yourself "quarters " and dates is smart. I used to do something similar with bands, it worked well. Refer back to this when you can.

  3. Sounds great and doable. Look forward to more Gothridge Goodness!

  4. Our best wishes to you and to dear Lady Whisk in 2019 !!! and have a great Last Weekend of 2018 !!

  5. Those sound doable. I should formalize my 2019 goals, also.

  6. My "Goals"... try to maintain remaining health...