Sunday, December 23, 2018

Moving The Manor Soon

I may be a little premature in writing about this, but I am planning on moving Gothridge Manor and GM Games to a new home. I've been very lax in using my blog. I find it more frustrating these days when I spend more time moderating comments from blatant spammers that Google opened the gates. For example, I haven't written a post in a few weeks. Within two days I have 83 spam comments. Most days it's two to ten. It shows me Google has no interest in the integrity of their platforms. 

In addition I want a new home to get back to writing and to develop an honest to goodness eCommerce store. I've got ideas for 2019. There are a few larger items I'd like to get done. Maybe do a few collaborations. Get more organized. Ha. I know, that last one is funny. 

I've never had a real store, just some Paypal buttons at the bottom of some posts. I'd like to make it nicer for you folks to find what your looking for. Once I set up my new place I'll let you know. 

I think a new place to play might be the ticket in 2019.


  1. The Akismet anti-spam system for Wordpress weeds out about 99.999% of spam comments in my experience. I have one sneak through every few months of the 250-500 I get per day.

    1. Nice. I was looking at Wordpress and Wix. Still deciding. But thanks for the information. That is helpful.

    2. I second that. Spam filtering with wordpress is pretty solid.

      One thing about Wix to check is how easy it is to export your posts. I know that Squarespace is terrible for that.

  2. Do whatever you have to to keep posting. If that means a new platform so be it.

  3. I've had really good luck with shopify. There's an app to add digital downloads. As well I have blogs associated with the site (within the infrastructure). The only thing I'm unsure is if the blog posts allow keywords.