Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Mail Call!

Yesterday was a giant smelly turd of a day. This week is turning into a pile of them. Readjusting to the third version of normal in 6 months. Maybe I'm suffering from normal fatigue. The floodgates have been opened and wow, now I want to go on a three month lockdown. However, my mail saved my day. Let me show you what I got. Be prepared to be jealous and cry. 

I'm starting off with Titan Dice. Over-sized, 25mm, dice that come in a cool wooden box. Here's the weird thing, they were sent to me in January and I got them today. Someone must have selected the expedited 6 month shipping option. The other weird thing is I already have the exact same set. I'm cool with that though. Dice are dice and I'll make my 1's larger. You can grab a set if these smoke colored with gold numbering Titan Dice on Amazon for $19.99. 

I got these great coins from a site called Dice Dungeons. I hadn't heard of them before. I think I found them when I was scrolling through Intagram one night. They have a bunch of different coins. I grabbed the horde and zombie packs. There were five in each. The horde pack came with 3 goblin and orc coins and the zombie horde came with 5 coins. I love weird fantasy style coins. Especially when you're playing a face-to-face came and some NPC offers a 100sp to help save Timmy because he fell down the well, and then throw a pouch with a 100 coins on the table. You get a much better reaction than saying it. The weight of them hitting the table and the sound of the coins sliding over one another has a visceral effect. 

Oh yeah, I love me everything about Thieves World. This is one of the biggest holes in my gaming collection is the FASA books. They've been elusive because I forget about them or when I do look for them they are very expensive. I fell into these two on eBay for $25. They are just a fun read. I get flashbacks to the books pouring over the details of the S'danzo or strolling through the Maze or hearing about the Hell Hounds. This is my gaming gold. Have two of them now. Traitor and The Blue Camel are still missing. The latter maybe difficult to land because it was a promo item. Just checked eBay for a copy, $175 and $56.46. A bit too rich for me. 

So now you see how my day was saved by a good mail day. 


  1. I'm glad the mail call gods smiled upon you. The sledding is tough these days. It's about as fun as being stabbed in the guts by one of Matt J's homicidal kobolds.

  2. Timmy fell down the well. Hahaha. You're funny and we both used the word, turd in our posts today. What a theme. Glad the mail made your day. I laughed at the shipping.

  3. Yuu can legally download the Blue Camel from if you're interested :D


  4. Huh, I’m a big Thieves World fan but I’m not familiar with the FASA stuff. Is it system specific?

    1. No, it's generic from what I've seen. The renamed the six attributes and given them a percentile rating, but they also give a convenient conversion chart for a 3d6 system.