Monday, November 29, 2010

Brisco's Eleven-Foot Pole

Howdy mighty adventurer, have I got the latest and greatest dungeon delving tool for you, Brisco's Eleven-Foot Pole.  You might be asking why our eleven-foot pole is different from the other ten-foot poles.  Simple, our pole goes to eleven.

Brisco's Eleven-Foot Pole can collapse into a one-foot rod making transportation easier and can double as a club.  When crawling through narrow caverns or passages the last thing an adventurer needs is to have his tools hinder as will normal ten-foot poles will do.  With an easy pull of a lever the pole shrinks into a one-foot pole in an instant.  The lever has a lock down recess that will keep unwanted shrinkage from happening.    

Brisko's Eleven-Foot can also be used as a ladder.  Small pegs hidden within the pole can be extracted to provide footholds.  No more waiting at the bottom of a pit while being heckled by party members to lower a rope. 

A pair of new features recently developed and provided for no additional charge is a continual light spell at the end of Brisco's Eleven-Foot Pole, that can be covered by an assortment of several decorative caps.   Each cap can also be used at a projectile by simply shrinking the Brisco Pole to its one-foot section then expanding the pole causing to cap to launch itself at your intended target. 

With Brisko's Eleven-Foot Pole you get the convenience of it collapsing into a one-foot club, the ability to turn into a ladder, a continual light spell, and three decorative caps that can be used as missiles.  Brisco's Eleven-Foot Pole can be yours for only 100gp or in four easy installments of 25gp.  Now if that weren't enough, Brisko has added four of his Brisko's All-Purpose Iron Spikes.  These spikes were given the Adventurer's Reliability Award four years running.  Order now while supplies last.

Customer Reviews
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** Frozen Lever and Tacky Caps by Amork "Stoner" Stonehill
While traveling through the frozen Fortuary Pass our party came across a tribe of snow trolls I tried to use the 'projectile cap' option but the cold weather had froze the lever.  It wouldn't budge.  Although I like the convenience of its size and weight, the continual light spell is more of a nuisance spoiling my dark vision and the decorative caps are embarrassingly tacky.  I had one of my buddies whip up a pair of caps that looks better and are more accurate.   Although I am not impressed with the eleven-foot pole it is useful, but combine it with a set of Brisko's Iron Spikes (they rule!) the 100gp price is a bit high, but worth it.

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*****I wish I had bought Brisko's Eleven-Foot Pole a hundred years ago by Ephemeral Lightleaf
Eleven is better.  I use this at home, at work and on weekends when my friends and I decide to go south and have a go at the Caves of Chaos.  I've got most of Brisko's products and have never been disappointed.

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No Starz by GruGunk
Brisco sukz.  I got yur 11 foot pole rite here.


  1. I bought an Eleven-Foot Pole recently and when I measured it, it was only ten foot eleven and three quarter inches long. I cannot describe how much this disappointed me.

  2. **** Good, not great.
    Brisko's Eleven-Foot Pole isn't bad, but as noted above, it does have some reliability issues. In addition to being susceptible to cold, it also sinks in water rather than floating like a standard 10' pole.
    Beware of knockoffs that come enchanted with a few charges of Light rather than Continual Light.

  3. @greywulf
    Did you include the length of the cap when you measured? Because mine with cap comes out to 11' exactly.

    Also I haven't had any icing problems with my Brisko's Eleven Foot Pole since I bought a terry-cloth Brisko's One Foot Bag.

    Also guys check out the new package of decorative caps, you get 6 of them, three designs.

  4. This is a nice toy but for 100 GP you can hire a porter to carry a dozen 10' poles, a pair of lantern bearers, and an archer. And having four reliable, unionized hirelings will pay dividends when the going gets tough.

    Health & Demihuman Services studies have confirmed that a 10' pole is the maximum useful length; anything over ten feet increases wobbliness and decreases control to an unacceptable level. Ten feet are the standard for a reason.

    I also have to wonder about an alleged "continual light" spell being included in the price. Does Brisko have a sweatshop somewhere in the Underdark? You can barely get a *first* level spell cast by a reputable cleric for 100 GP.

    You're much better off spending that money on hirelings.

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