Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"I Got About 10 Points of I Wanna Beat You with a Stick Left"

Get a good laugh here...

Again I can't figure out how to add a video, but this one is funny as hell.  Too bad his boots of his escaping didn't work better.  Anyway, thought it would be a good laugh before the frantic cooking of Thanksgiving begins.   


  1. For a moment I thought that was genuine ;)

    Then I recognised one of the guys from Reno 911... Very funny! Thanks for sharing that!

  2. Magic potion for hot lead. Oh my gosh. This was great.

  3. "I will call down a mighty reckoning on you!"

    To embed youtube videos, select the embed tag under the video, copy the script, then paste it into your post.

  4. Nothing beats the combination of Reno 911 and Patton Oswalt. There are more of these with his character, you know?

  5. Here's one more:

  6. Christian - Thank you I could never figure that out.

    Jamie - I did not know and thanks for the link. Good stuff.