Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Got It!

Yesterday I returned to the post office and what did I see in my little cramped post office box, but a yellow slip.  Those little yellow slips tell me the mailmen are keeping a surprise from me in the back.  Behold, the new Swords & Wizardry.  Apparently its been there for a few days, but I never got a yellow slip.  So Frog God Games were on top of things though a confirmation email that it shipped would have been a good thing.

I have the tomorrow off so I am looking forward to sitting down with it and taking a look through.  My initial impressions though, being a bit aged, the font is small.  But hopefully that's just a minor thing.  Hope everyone has a good New Year.


  1. Cool! I am looking forward to mine. All the snow in Northern Europe has delayed our mail flow a bit though.

  2. Phew!

    An email wouldn't have taken much so perhaps it'll be thought of next time. We all live and learn.

  3. I, too, often struggle with games written in very small type. Damn you,, physical decay!!

  4. *Note

    Reading glasses may be required to play your favorite table-top games. 8D