Sunday, October 23, 2011

Missing Sleestak Sunday?

Enik has gone missing.  Any information you might have about his whereabouts would be helpful.  He is harmless, although engaging him in conversation can cause confusion and a fetish for crystals.


  1. He's probably just gone back to his own time, where there are crystals in abundance.

  2. Probably staggering and hissing around a cave in some pocket universe. Shooting crossbow bolts at a little girl and her older brother and missing by a mile...

  3. Why yes I'm how did you know! Thanks for bringing him to my attention!

  4. I heard he went honkytonk.

    He's probably terribly hung over and waking up in an alley behind a Thai restaurant with a Milli Vanilli tattoo on one arm and three phone numbers scrawled on the other.

  5. They took Enik!

    I knew those wargamers were trouble!

    How the hell is the role playing community going to scrape up the loot for ransom money?