Monday, October 3, 2011

Redesigning an Adventure, Part 2

Last month I wrote a blog about redesigning an adventure because my players needed to enter and leave the goblin caves a few times.  As a DM I needed to take a look at the situation from the goblin POV.  Here is some of the background.  The earthquake that slid part of the mountain into the pass trapping the players in the Dark Lands, also destroyed much of the goblin tunnels and killed hundreds of them.  The goblin chief saw this as a sign the goblin god was angry with him. 

Being impulsive and superstitious the ran to the goblin shaman to ask how he could appease their god.  The shaman said the only way was for the chief to sacrifice his only remaining son.  Of course the shaman saw this as an opportunity for his own son to take control of the tribe.  The chief did as he was told and sacrificed his son.  To the chief's surprise and the shaman's horror something happened.  From the open cavity of the sacrifice a Goblin Lord arose.

*The Goblin Lord I used is heavily influenced by the one in JB's B/X Companion. 

So this event, this desperate act not only changed the features of the goblin cave, but has effected the surrounding area.  Although the Goblin Lord is an unknown factor, the players still recognize he is a force to be respected and treated with care. 

So with a little imaginary role-play in my head.  The assistance of an excellent old school product I came up with something I really liked and it evolved organically with the situation. 

I look forward to tonight's game.  I have a little gonzo planned.  Muhahaha.