Monday, February 25, 2013

A Peek at Inside Issue #4

Here is a fantastic picture drawn by none other than Jason Sholtis for issue #4 of the Manor.  Yeah, it looks like this one is going to be out much quicker than the last one.  Of course that wouldn't be tough to do.  Jason is really helping out in this issue with art and I've recruited some of my gaming friends to help contribute content.  In this issue there will me a mini monster manual that Jason came up with the title, From Beneath the Manor.  I like it.  Because of the extra contributions and the fantastic art I'm thinking this might be a larger issue.  Not sure yet, but I'm pretty sure it will be expanded to 28 pages.

Dak of CRAWL! fame and I have started a zine community on Google+ and I think its going well.  There are some people just starting out or having trouble connecting with the proper talents.  I guess I would divide talents into content contributor, artists, proof readers and in some cases layout assistance.  If you have one or all of these skill and you have a spare moment to help someone stop on over to the RPG Zine community and let them know you're available.  I know my zine wouldn't exist without the help of others in the OSR community. 

Off to work.  Which sucks.  Paperwork up to my ass, convicts waiting to lie to me, homeless families scrambling for a moment of my time and my workers are thinking up excuses of why they can't come in.  But, it keep the lights and heat on and on occasion it allows me to buy something fun.  I got my eye on a Tardis.  Because Tardis's are cool.