Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Question

Dak Ultimak and I discussed opening a RPG Zines in Google Communities.  Which we have done mainly due to the efforts of Dak.  Here is the link to it, RPG Zines.  We thought it would fill a niche for those of us who enjoy reading or creating zines.  I'm hoping it becomes a resource for people who have questions about how to start a zine, find artists or content, and a place to bounce off ideas with constructive input. 

My question is with so many communities out there and, to me, it becomes more of a forum, do they provide what you want?  Do Google Communities help you find the information or people?  And what makes a successful community for you?

I've joined a few communities and I tend to shy away from the larger ones with 1000s of people.  I can't keep up with them and the noise level is high.  I do like the smaller, more focused ones.  Like Tenkar's 2000 Copper Pieces.  Erik is interactive with his community and its focused.  So I get more out of it. 

Lastly, if you want to join RPG Zines come on over.  I'm not sure how its set up, but if you would like an invite leave a comment for me on Google+.